Friday, May 20, 2011

Free My Interior

About a mth ago now I did a little ad campaign for the launch of this new Interior Design store called - Free My Interior.  The pair that own the company - Zina & Aaron have been doing interior design for clients for a while now (since 2007 I believe).  Their whole concept behind interior design is that it can be affordable and accessible to a lot of ppl and not just the super rich.  They really believe you can get high impact design at an affordable price and they frequently do a lot of painting, sewing and refinishing work themselves helping to create a unique and one of a kind concept for their clients.

They wanted to have their own storefront to showcase and sell some of their custom items and estate sale furniture finds...esp. their cushions and pillows which were the main focus of the campaign.  What's really cool is a lot of the cushions are one of kind or limited in production b/c the pair frequently use vintage fabrics and materials...therefore you know it's not going to be like Ikea where you and all your friends have the exact same stuff lol.  They'll even design cushions for you personally if you have fabric or an idea that you like.

So the whole concept for the campaign was to have the model lying in the cushions naked w/ the cushions strategically covering all the important areas lol.  They wanted a very sexy and sensual feel to it and I definitely think they got it lol.  The pictures look awesome and can I just say this model had the firmest thighs I think I've EVER felt in my life...seriously they were like pure muscle rock...maybe I do need to give Yoga another try lol!

Photography Courtesy of Robin Gartner

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