Friday, May 6, 2011

Prom Time - The Beauty of Youth!

Ahh Prom Season is upon us and I got to meet and work w/ a great young lady today - Alexia and her equally awesome mom Siobhan, who is actually close to my age...I'm not going to's sort of weird when the mom's of my prom clients are in my age group (well a few yrs older).  I'm use to my brides and I being the same age but mom's it's different...but she's like a really cool, hot, young mom - you know the kind you wanted when YOU were young!  Siobhan and I also have the same b-day which I always think is really neat b/c 1. I never meet anyone w/ my bday 2. I'm into that sort of thing...probably why we hit it off so well!  Can't wait to give her a makeup lesson or do her Hair & Makeup for a special event!

Anyway, back to Alexia.  Gorgeous girl w/ great eyebrows and amazing blonde hair!  Seriously, so long but healthy and curls like a dream and so thick too! She was wearing this really cute spaghetti strapped cherry print mini dress from Dolce & Gabbana (actually her mom's).  It had a retro feel so I wanted to go w/ that for the makeup too so I did a really bright red lip to match the cherries in the dress and a bit of bronze/brown on the eyes w/ some black liner just slightly winged (a full wing liner was just a bit too much for Alexia).  I also really wanted to give her a gorgeous glow on the cheeks and of course I used my favourite Yaby Highlighter for that...seriously it just ALWAYS looks amazing on everyone. 

Like many teenagers, Alexia has a little bit of acne but you'd never know it once you put a bit of foundation and concealer to cover it up.  I actually started w/ the MUFE green primer which helped to minimize any redness on the face.  I used Yaby concealer, Graftobian HD cream foundation and lightly finished it off w/ Yaby Powder Foundation for just a bit of extra coverage.  It's important to remember you don't need to cake on the products to get good coverage.  If you use the right products w/ the right technique a little bit goes a long way!

For the hair I just went through and curled 1 inch sections using my favourite curling iron - my Herstyler 3P wand.  Her hair was very long and very thick but it curled so well.  Some ppl just have hair that curls beautifully and she is one of them...lucky girl!.  Originally, we had talked about putting it up into a messy bun ala Taylor Swift but in the end we just left it down and I pinned it to the side which I think went really well w/ the style of the dress.

I've included a few quick snap shots I took of Alexia before I ran out the door.  Excuse the quality it's not the best but she had tons of ppl taking her picture and I didn't want to wear the girl out before the night even started lol!  Plus I think she was starting to get annoyed w/ everyone taking her picture lol!  The pics really don't do justice to the shine of her hair or the highlight on her cheeks but you get the idea.

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Danielle said...

This is a beautiful look! I love how you kept it simple and worked with her natural beauty!