Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Super Sexy Hair Time - BLO Blow Dry Bar Giveaway!

Yesterday morning I got a text from my frequently mentioned friend/colleague Ashley Readings.  She was working at Blo @ Bloor West and it was a Monday (and voting day) so of course it was a bit slow.  For those of you not in the know Blo is a salon where you go to get amazing blow outs, updos and styles all really reasonably prices and relatively quick...no cuts no colour just styling!  This job btw has made Ashley an amazing hair person and I'm very envious of her insane skills!

Anyway, back to the text!  She wanted to know if I wanted to come down to the salon get my hair done and do a giveaway for my fellow bloggers!  Of course I JUMPED at this opportunity.  Funny thing - Ashley and I have been friends for a long while now and I've never visited her at Blo...I don't know why it was lots of fun and it had been SO LONG since I had any sort of professional do ANYTHING w/ my  hair (seriously if my clients knew my last haircut they call me a hypocrite for always preaching reg. trims...which I am I guess lol).  Plus I don't know about you guys but I've been feeling rather bluesy lately w/ all the rain...really affects my mood something fierce.  I think if I was richer I'd go get my hair done every day I was feeling down...it really helps lol!  Also I had dinner plans last night so I knew the hair wasn't going to go to waste ;)

So after I did my National Duty and cast my Vote I headed down to the salon to get pampered!  Ashley did her thing - washed my hair, dried it w/ a round brush, pinned it, teased the hell out of if and finally shook it and smoothed it all out to create some of the most glorious and voluminous hair my head has seen in a long time...possibly EVER! 

I should note that at no time did she use a curling iron..this was all done w/ a round brush and blow dryer!  I have insanely straight, long and silky hair...I need to put layers in it...ppl are shocked when I tell them I do not straighten or even dry my hair a lot of times and how straight it is (probably also why I can go so long between cuts w/ no split ends).  Ashley even was shocked w/ how shiny and slippery my hair was even when she tried to "dirty it up and give it grip" w/ various products lol.   So even to say that Ashley did an AMAZING job is an understatement lol.  I'm not going to lie when she first finished it was a bit Jersey Shore and I was a bit embarrassed to leave the salon in my hoodie and lulu lemons on the subway but of course after a couple of hrs it settled into just gorgeous soft voluminous curls.

FYI the picture above is after a couple of hrs in my apt.  Still gorgeous looking!  The picture below was at Blo just after my hair was finished.  Sorry not the best quality it was taken w/ Ashley's iPhone.
This picture is to remind you guys what my natural hair looks like - it has not been straightened in this picture and in fact this was a couple of mths ago in my old apt. and it's a bit longer now lol!

So now on to the GIVEAWAY!  This one is only open to TORONTO residents or surrounding area (as long as you don't mind travelling to Blo @ Bloor West).  I have a gift card for 1 FREE BLOW OUT at the Blo @ Bloor West location - it is ONLY good for that location fyi. 

How do you ENTER - I'm going to make it INSANELY simple...nothing fancy here.  Just leave a comment in my comment box w/ your name and email and we're all good!  Yes, that's it!  I want to make this as easy as possible for everyone! 

So come on and ENTER who doesn't want gorgeous hair for that special night on the town...or just b/c you're having a crappy day like I was!


Forgot to mention the contest will run until Tues May 10!  I'll announce the winner then!


Farah said...

you look gorge!

Farah -facesbyfarah(at)gmail(dot)com

Ada A. said...

Hi Jess!

I love your Blog. It's full of cool tips and tricks about everyday make-up as well as the industry.

Your hair looks gorgeous, by the way! Great BLO job!

Ada - ada.actress@gmail.com

Katy said...

Your hair looks amazing. I want Ashley to blo me!
kaitlin . gates at hotmail . com

Anonymous said...

pretty lady!

lelo - lelo.artistry@gmail.com

Christine Estima said...

christine estima

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Wow GORGEOUS!! I've been wanting to go to that salon forever now - and that's the one in my neigborhood!


Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

Victoria said...

What a fabulous giveaway Jess! And I absolutely empathize with the bad-weather, mood-booster feelings, what a great way to cheer us girls up!

Hope to see you (and that gorgeous hair!) soon!


fragileheart said...

Oh I so want in on this!! Yay Jess!!

Regina Sy aka fragileheart
therealfragileheart [at] gmail [dot] com

Karen (Lineal Vulcan name unpronounceable) said...


Ashley is awesome and your hair is sexy!!

I just wanted to say that.. obviously i can't get this giveaway all the way on the west coast..
(although it would be nice!)

Raisy Kazi said...

Love your posts Jessica!

Raisy Kazi

Danielle said...

Love it!

Danielle - danielle(at)daniellehuttonmakeup(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win this for my fiancee. Thanks.

Darrin - contestinbox at gmail.com