Sunday, December 11, 2011

East Meets West - Multicultural Weddings

As we all know Canada is a very multicultural country so it's only expected then that there would be a rise in recent years w/ multicultural weddings.  I love working on multicultural weddings b/c they are usually really unique and I love when the couples try and blend both of their cultures and traditions into the day and really make it their own.

Back in Sept. I had the pleasure of working w/ a lovely bride - Marjorie on her multicultural wedding.  Marjorie was marrying Jason who happened to be Korean.  Therefore they were blending her Western traditions w/ his Korean traditions.  Which meant a very bright, colourful and eclectic day!

I've worked a lot of Asian weddings in the past esp. Chinese but I'll be honest this was my first Korean wedding!  They were doing both a Christian wedding ceremony and a traditional Korean wedding ceremony.  So Marjorie had two outfits - a more traditional style white western dress (but not too traditional it was tea length) and then the traditional Korean wedding ceremony outfit which was handmade and incredibly elaborate and colourful.  It was so intricate and it even had a special headpiece and shoes.  I knew I had to have pics from this wedding!

Marjorie is a very simple woman (like so many of my brides) and therefore wanted to keep her makeup very clean and soft.  So I used muted browns and taupes on the eyes.  Soft pink blush and a beautiful neutral lip.  I did a very soft and romantic curled side updo and I'm very happy to see from the pics that the hair held up even after the Korean ceremony w/ the elaborate headpiece!  During the Korean ceremony traditional red circles are painted on the cheeks but Marjorie opted for red stickers (a more modern approach) so as to not mess up her makeup lol.

I have to give a shout out and thank you to Irina the photographer for the day.  She did a beautiful job of capturing this multicultural event and shared w/ me a lot of great photos from the day...including quite a few of me at work ;)  Can't wait to add a couple of these to my site!

Me @ Work!

I like this one of me working..Marjorie is smiling and so am often I look so angry and serious while I work lol!

Marjorie & Jason in their "Western" Wedding Attire

This one was at the end of the night and I was VERY happy to see how good the hair looked still!

So glowing and soft...I LOVE it!

Traditional Korean Ceremony - So Beautiful & Elaborate!

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