Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dairy-Free Love Promo Shoot

Early last week fellow blogger & my long time friend (she was actually the first person I met & talked to at York University) Victoria Murdoch approached me about helping her out w/ Hair & Makeup for her upcoming promo shoot for her one woman show - Diary-Free Love.  The shoot was to take place on Fri. and I didn't have anything booked so of course being the good friend I am I agreed!  Also I knew Vicki would have awesome treats to feed us so how could I say no ;)

The theme was sort of vintage 50s/60s house wife but in a modern kitchen setting...another reason I agreed.  Anyone who reads this blog knows I LOVE me some RED lipstick, Mad Men style and Vintage Hairstyling!  There was actually an element of red woven throughout the shoot from Vicki's shoes, to her nails, to the lipstick and even the bowls she used as props.

I'll tell you more about the actual show when I have the "Real" Promo Pics to share w/ you...I'll let Vicki give me a little synopsis b/c anything I say isn't going to do it justice lol.

So as I mentioned before it was 50s/60s vintage all the way for styling.  Victoria has great features for this sort of look - perfectly full lips w/ a great cupid's bow (perfect for a bold red lip), pale creamy skin and full brows.  Plus, this shoot gave me another opportunity to work on perfecting an awesome beehive hairstyle!  I had brought a "hair rat" for stuffing for volume but you know what I didn't even need it...the pics - that's ALL Vicki's hair!  I was going for something over-the-top...even a bit cartoonish and I think I accomplished that one!

The photographer from the shoot was actually another fellow blogger and Vicki's old university roommate - Joanna Haughton.  So it was a really relaxed and fun half day shoot where we were all able to catch up, gossip and have some laughs.  I can't wait to see the finished product b/c I know it's going to be AWESOME!

Here's some behind the scenes pics.  Any pics where you see me working are courtesy of Joanna Haughton and her blog!

Yeah I did some MAJOR TEASING!

Joanna & Vicki 

Joanna is birthing a giant light here!

Every night during the show Vicki is actually going to make the dessert she is tasting in the pic - Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse - YUMMY!


Christine Estima said...

so much love!

Vicki Millar Makeup Artist said...

Great job on the hair! That's some serious teasing!

Darcie Watson said...

Wow! I am in awe of that hair!! :O
That is amazing :)

Victoria said...

Jess, I simply cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did on this shoot! You are truly skilled and I will not hesitate to recommend/promote you wherever and whenever I can. (do you have some cards I can keep handy?)

Thanks again, you are a great friend, and an amazing artist!