Monday, December 19, 2011

Lilogi Creator - Nicky Feix

Anyone who's been reading this blog lately knows I've been promoting the hell out of Lilogi and it's official launch last wk!  Well Holiday Week is finally here and I worked the main shoot for it so expect a lot more Lilogi stuff from  me this wk (be prepared ;) ).  In fact EVERY day there will be a new picture from the "Ice Queen" shoot I worked on featured as the wallpaper on the main page...that means make sure to visit the site EVERY DAY to see my AWESOME work lol!

Also, today Lilogi was actually featured on on their What's Right Now List - #5! VERY VERY COOL!  

On Sat. I did a quick headshot shoot for Lilogi creator Nicky Feix.  She's a really cool, laid back chick and we wanted to capture that w/ the shoot.  This meant keeping the makeup minimal but still keeping her trademark eyeliner and taming her insane mane of hair...but not too much ;)  

Here's the official shot courtesy of Arash Moellemi and a couple of behind the scenes photos courtesy of Alexandra Loeb

I actually really like this Behind the Scenes pic of me...normally I look so angry while working but I actually look softer here lol.


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