Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Minute Stocking Stuff - I Love...

So the great ppl at I Love... sent me a very nice little package to try out right before the holidays and I just have to say I LOVE - I Love...!

You may have actually seen the products in Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadians) recently and they are fairly new to Canada but got their start overseas in Europe.  They are very much in line and look similar to another MORE EXPENSIVE brand that I'm sure many of you are familar w/ called Philosophy.  Just like Philosophy they come in all sorts of YUMMY flavours like Coconut & Cream, Strawberries & Milkshake, Lemons & Limes plus a bunch of others!  Some ppl don't like body products that smell like food but I love anything that smells like a yummy dessert or fruity tropical cocktail lol!  I ended up going w/ Mango & Papaya and it's exactly what I needed to lift my spirits right before this dreary weather really starts to set in!  I personally love anything that smells like a tropical vacation so I'm all about things that smell like tropical fruit or coconut. 

In my package they sent me a really nice Body Wash/Bubble Bath that lathers wonderfully when used w/ your shower puff, a great exfoliant that I really like b/c it's not too coarse and it doesn't scratch the skin and a body butter which feels great and is very rich and luxurious on the skin esp. in this cold weather when my skin esp. my hands is starting to get all cracked and dry - eww!

As mentioned up above it has very similar packaging and style to a lot of Philosphy's products but one thing it doesn't have is the high price tag!  I'm all for Philosphy's Cinnamon Bun Body Wash but I'm not for paying $21 for it to be honest lol!  These products are ususally around the $10/each mark...much more affordable and feel every bit as luxurious and indulgent for your skin and your senses.  If you're looking for a last min gift or thing to throw in the stocking I think the I Love... products are a great way to go.  I mean what girl, teen, woman doesn't LOVE fancy bath products lol!

Plus I just checked out their Coming Soon products and I think I may explode!  The next two flavours they are coming out w/ are Juicy Watermelon & Tropical Paradise!  I think they are literally creating this brand w/ my smell palette in mind!  Tropcial Paradise - UMM YES!  And I LOVE Watermelon flavoured things!  Watermelon is my fav fruit and it's my fav flavour for Jelly Bellys lol!  So seriously I LOVE - I Love...

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