Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dairy-Free Love - Official Pics

I wrote to you last wk and shared some of my behind the scenes pics of the awesome promo shoot I worked on w/ my good friend Victoria Murdoch for her upcoming one woman show Dairy-Free Love!

Well photographer Joanna Haughton has already finished up all the pics and can I just say they are AMAZING!  Seriously, I'm going to share w/ you a bunch and I'm sorry there are so many but I just LOVE them all lol!  It really was a great team effort and there wasn't one weak element in the shoot - it just all came together so well and I love when that happens!

Btw, last time I mentioned I would give you a little write up about the show and I'm just going to steal this right from Victoria b/c being that it's her show she of course can explain it more eloquently then I can lol!

Savory Entertainment presents Dairy-Free Love. A play that examines life, love, and marriage through the eyes of pleasantly quirky, "Dawn", who uses her laptop and web cam to broadcast her daily live-streamed internet cooking show "Dawn's Delight's" to her loyal global audience.  This clever blend of comedy and drama takes the shape of a one-hour cooking demonstration, during which Dawn prepares a full batch of dairy-free chocolate mousse live onstage - all while sharing her own brand of advice through a series of laugh-out-loud personal stories.  The audience will laugh and cry with Dawn as she invites you into her home, her life, and her heart.  Dairy-Free Love is an emotionally fulfilling treat that will leave you wanting seconds!

Doesn't that sound great!

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Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

wow to the teasing!

today i'm practicing one of the more traditional bridal styles (neat bump in the front, curls/baskte weaving look in the back) and i'm still doing-redoing the bump to make it even & neat! ahh so challenging! *wipe tear*