Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lilogi Official Launch! Sneak Peak of HOLIDAY WEEK!

My friends at Lilogi have OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED their site w/ a wk dedicated to ALL THINGS CHANEL!  Seriously, the site is gorgeous please check it out you won't be disappointed!  Every day they do a new little segment about the brand and it's history and today's segment is about MAKEUP!  Specifically Chanel's Lipstick!  I mean seriously if you are going to fork out some money on a luxury lipstick why not make it a classic Chanel red lipstick...what a statement piece when you whip that out to re-apply!

They also are featuring an exclusive interview Fulvia Farolfi, one of only five artists recognized in the CHANEL Makeup Artist Program.  She speaks in depth about CHANEL's iconic red lipsticks and her favourite shades, tips and tricks for wearing the statement shade!

I'm so excited to be brought in on the ground level of this exciting time for Lilogi b/c I just know the site is going to explode it's just so interesting, varied and different then a lot of other fashion sites out there!

Next wk they also officially launch their Holiday Special which I had the pleasure of working on and I have a couple of Exclusive Sneak Peak images to share w/  you!  I haven't been this excited about something I've worked on in a LONG TIME!  Seriously, if I do say so myself...I rock!  The whole team that day rocked!  Special thanks also goes out to my assistant Jade that day b/c she rocked and assistants are often the forgotten unsung heros on shoots!

These images are just stunning and they are only snippets of the FULL images so I'm DYING w/ anticipation b/c I'm IN LOVE w/ these already!  I haven't seen the end result images either yet so to say I'm a bit excited is an's seriously like waiting to unwrap a gift lol!

The inspiration behind the Holiday Shoot was Ice Queen!  We wanted cool, majestic and dripping w/ luxury and "ice" and I think we definitely achieved all that and more!  I'm really proud of my hair work that day...I used a trusty "hair rat" to get the job done and I love the simplicity of the makeup in a way but still so striking and avant garde....sometimes holding back a bit and not going "too far" is really what makes the biggest statement!  Plus I really couldn't have asked for a better model in Oksana...she was such a Pro!  Great energy even in the cold and she really brought that cool Ice Queen character to life!


Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
Hair Assistant Jade Truscott

So PLEASE Check Out & Subscribe to Lilogi!  I promise you WON'T be DISAPPOINTED!


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