Tuesday, December 20, 2011

American Essentials - Behind the Scenes

Yesterday I got the chance to work on a really fun and easy going Look Book shoot for a Men's Lounge Wear Company called - American Essentials.  It's great working on shoots like this b/c

1. It's Men's Grooming which let's be real usually tends to be VERY simple in terms of Makeup/Hair.  In fact I stand by the rule I don't even put full foundation on most men.  Just moisturize, prime, conceal where necessary and some powder foundation and we're good.  The biggest part of my day was just pushing the hair off the model's face lol.  Plus they wanted him to have a bed head sort of look for most of the day so it wasn't like the hair had to be "perfect".

2. It's commercial work therefore it pays pretty decent and it's always good to get more clean commercial work in your book.  Esp. for a company like this b/c they have a higher end brand and are putting some money into the shoot therefore you know the pics are going to be solid.

3. The team was great and so nice!  Very relaxed but professional.  I really hope I get to work w/ them all again in the future b/c it just made the day a lot nicer!  And the condo we were shooting in was so nice!  The owner even left tons of snacks for us to munch on lol!  Plus it was only a 10 min walk from my apt...can't beat that!

It's so funny b/c this time of year tends to be a bit slower esp. leading right up to Christmas but I'm actually super busy this wk and I'm really happy that I was able to fit this shoot in.  When Catherine Kaiser, the Art Director contacted me about the shoot I was so happy it didn't conflict w/ any of the other work I had scheduled this wk!  Plus always great to  meet and network w/ new ppl!

The photographer was William Suarez.  Another new person for me but I can't wait to see the finished results from this shoot b/c the stuff I saw in the camera looked gorgeous - so cool and sophisticated!  Perfect for the brand

There was one familiar face on the shoot for me though.  And that was the model Jerald from B&M.  I had actually assisted on a shoot he worked on a couple of years back when I first came back from Shanghai.  I did his grooming and the second I saw him on set I recognized him.  Such a nice guy and professional...plus of course not too hard on the eyes either lol!

Here's some behind the scenes photos from the day!  We shot from early afternoon to night but I can't give too much away from the shoot ;)

I slicked the hair to the side for a couple of the looks

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