Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leaving the Island :(

So this is it...leaving my little paradise today. This afternoon I'm heading off to Bangkok again for one day where I plan to do some crazy shopping since none of my clothes fit anymore - YEAH! Btw things are doing better in Bangkok for now so don't worry about me.

Did my final weigh-in yesterday and after 7 days on the Cleanse/Detox I'm VERY happy w/ the results. Down another 3 kilos aka 6.6 pds! Yeah! I feel great too! I don't even crave any sugar or pop or any food like that. I was even in a 7-11 today buying some water in the village and I didn't want any of the crap that usually calls my name. For the next few days I'm sticking to purely raw fruits & veggies then cooked vegetarian for a few days and then slowly incorporate meat back into the diet. Tomorrow night I'm even meeting up w/ one of the fellow detoxers in Bangkok and she's taking me to this apparently awesome raw restaurant there...sounds like a great way to end a day of shopping!

Rode the elephant yesterday btw. It was fun I guess but I was alone so it would have definitely been better w/ someone and I found it kind of sad too. I'll write more about it when I post the pics.

Speaking of pics here's just a couple of me enjoying my "first meal" - Watermelon! That's what they give you at the resort and I don't mind at all b/c it just happens to be my favourite fruit!

Excuse the wonky eye in the first one lol!
A bit of crazy eyes in the next one lol!

Btw once I get back to Shanghai only 3 more wks and then I go back to Canada! Can you believe it!! Don't worry I'll still keep blogging about all my shoots and work and all that - I'm addicted ;)


Janett Duarte said...

You look great! I'd really love to try the whole detox thing myself - I love fruits! (But not veggies :( )

Are you going back to Canada for good?

Christine Estima said...

yay you're coming back! finally!!

we have so much to catch up on!!