Sunday, April 5, 2009

At the Airport!...btw down 25 lbs!

Just a quick hi from the airport! I'll write a longer entry once I get settled in either Bangkok or Koh Phangan. Shoot last night went well...other than it was pouring rain and it was an outside shoot ugghhh! The model was cute and super polite...really sweet guy...obviously he hasn't been modeling long enough to develop an asshole persona lol. I definitely think there will be some cool pics from it. The rain kind of killed the hair a bit though b/c his hair was already longer and finer than what I needed to work w/ so it was hard to keep it standing and full in the rain. Of course I have some behind the scenes know how I love them ;) .

Btw guess who is officially down 25 lbs! ME....YES YES YES! What a great treat before Thailand! Totally excited for this Detox/Cleanse and curious about the results I'm going to get from it. I'm really hoping it helps w/ my skin and sugar cravings. Before anyone writes anything I just want to reassure you all don't worry trust me I'm definitely NOT too thin so you don't have to say anything about that. I took a few pics really quick this morning that I'll include here.

Look at my HIP BONES!! Excuse the pink undies hehe!
Lower Abs really starting to show...still got the booty lol!
Pants totally fall off now lol!


Janett Duarte said...

You look great! Definitely not "too" skinny, you look fine. :)

Amy V. said...

you NEED to share your diet and exersize secrets.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to lose a couple pounds myself. It's great you met your weight goal but I quivered when I saw your pictures. You remind me of a skeleton. lol maybe I exaggerated but seriously maybe gaining just a pound or 2 back would be great! Stay healthy and take care!