Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 3 - Going Strong!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Huge storm at night and the power went out so I went to sleep at 9 pm lol! So far it's going really well and I feel great...a little hungry but not really and the afternoon juices (carrot and coconut water) cure that right up. I know it sounds weird but I'm actually kind of hoping I feel like crap at least one day that way I know it's really working you know.

Walked to a near by "town" today...not really a town lol but we'll call it that. One of the girls here needed money and I like walking so we went. Seeing the 7-11 was the only time I actually felt a bit hungry and I think honestly that's more of a habit sort of Pavlov's dog lol. It was totally controlable but it was one of those things were normally I might go in and buy at least a coke zero just because.

Booked my ferry/bus ticket while in town too...which is good cuz I was a bit nervous about it being sold out if I waited till that day. I booked my train back and it's good I did it now b/c I still only got an Upper Berth sleeper. I actually have to stay at the resort a day longer and moved my flight back to Shanghai a day later b/c Thai New Year is the 15th so I couldn't get any trains back to Bangkok on the 15th. Works out better anyway, then I get a full day and a half to break the fast at the resort.

Hope everyone is doing well :)

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