Monday, April 13, 2009

The "Waterfall"

So here are some pics of the "waterfall" that I trekked up and saw. I was not amused after 4 days of not eating to find this was the waterfall...I guess I just expected more. If I wasn't so tired from walking up this hilly mountain I probably would have found it prettier but I just though there would be more you know. Btw on Day 6 now...tomorrow is the last day YEAH!!

Yesterday I had to walk to town and back to print my train ticket. I did it...slowly lol. Overall, not doing too bad but of course I don't have a lot of energy. On my first food day I've booked myself some elephant trekking. I'm super excited about riding an elephant and I'll be sure to post the pics from that!

P.S. It's all safe on the island to those that are worrying. I'm only in Bangkok one night then I head out...hopefully there will be no probs at the airport like awhile ago.
Toshi the Yoga guy Toffler and I went w/ to the "waterfall"
Me...bad lighting the bags under my eyes are HUGE...I don't even have any in real life!


what the pros do... said...

glad to hear your safe an well! I can see why you were under whelmed I would have expected alot more too, lol :)

MiuMiu said...

it looks gorgeous there. must be hot too hehe

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