Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resort Pics

I'll do The Grand Palace pics another time I don't feel like labelling them right now. So here are just a few pics I took at the "resort" I'm staying at. I'm using the ".." b/c it's pretty rustic here, not fancy at all...truthfully I wouldn't really call it a resort but it's cheap, comfortable enough and good for the Detox. Btw Day 4 today...going pretty well. Felt hungry today but then I had some carrot juice and all was good again. Can't wait for the 2:45 coconut water that's like the highlight of my day lol!

Went to a "waterfall" today and I'll post those pics another time. Not really a waterfall in my opinion and was pretty disappointed when I trekked ALL the way to the top of this rocky mountain w/ no food for 4 days to find a stream and some rocks. I'm going to do some elephant trekking in the next couple of days too...I'm super excited about riding an elephant and I hope it lives up to my expectations and it's not a big a disappointment like the "waterfall". Anyway, here's the pics!

"Bartender" Zoer...makes us our gross shakes and yummy juice
MMMmmm Carrot Juice
Toffler the girl in Shanghai who told me about this place
Natali & Anita fellow Detoxers - Natali is from Montreal
The Pool
A lizard thing I saw
Chugging down the gross shake...ugghh!
More chugging...bikini body not looking too bad if I do say so myself ;)

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