Sunday, April 26, 2009

Toronto, Mumbai, Beijing - Oh My!

First off just want to say I'm sorry, I've been a bad blogger as of late :(

Okay now on to the fun stuff! First I CAN'T believe I'm headed back to Canada in 2.5 wks...CRAZY!! I'm definitely ready to get back and I'm already so pumped about contacting all sorts of great photographers, models, stylists and setting up some exciting shoots. I really miss doing can't really do them here b/c of the whole styling situation that I've talked about's very frustrating when all I want to do is create!! Also need to get my book fully together again and start knocking on those agency doors. I think I'm ready...or at least I hope I'm ready. I should have 4 editorials coming out in the next mth or two also which is cool!

A friend of mine who is a wedding planer in Toronto also told me she has a lot of weddings coming up in late Summer/early Fall. She's Chinese and deals w/ a lot of Chinese clients at the hotel she works for and they keep asking her do you know a makeup artist that can do Asian makeup...umm yes she does lol! So hopefully I'll get some bookings out of that.

Also I don't think I've mentioned this on here before but I have plans to head out to Mumbai, India for work either this upcoming Oct. or Jan. and work there for a few mths (date is still a little up in the air). I was actually suppose to go this last Jan. but it was very complicated to do a work visa as a Canadian in China going to India and I wouldn't have gotten out there till 1.5 mths after originally planned so I decided to wait until I could do it I need to save some more money again ;) .

Talks of this all started when I asked photographer Troy Moth about his time assisting in India. He gave me the name of his photographer friend - Colston Julian. Who I just contacted on a whim more just to you know introduce myself and maybe learn a thing or two about working in India. This photographer couldn't have been nicer and was so willing to help me out w/ so many things over there. So really excited about this future prospect and I think it could be really exciting and way better than Shanghai to be honest!

So now on to Beijing! I've booked myself a little mini trip for next weekend to Beijing! I figure I only have a few wks left here I need to get out and do what I can b/c honestly who knows if I'll ever be back in China again. I'll worry about the money when I get back to Canada I guess I've been living like a pauper for mths now I think I deserve a little enjoyment (yes I have to justify things...I do the same thing w/ shopping ALL the time lol). So yeah I head there on Fri. Booked myself some tours for Sat. and Sun. (Great Wall, Forbidden City etc) and what I'm most excited about I've booked a ticket to go see some Peking Opera. Okay now what's really cool is I've arranged to go early and watch the performers put on their makeup...and I can take pictures and everything! How cool is that!?!

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MiuMiu said...

wow so much travelling! i still got 4 more months before i can head back to toronto.