Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Think I'll Miss The Fruit The Most :(

So I'm back in Shanghai now...don't really know how I feel about that lol. It's fine I suppose. I'm excited to get back to the gym as it's been 2 wks and I'm majorly craving it (God I never thought I'd say that lol). Literally, I was back in the city less than an hr and I stepped outside to hit up the grocery store and I see not 1 but 2 men urinating in broad daylight and I thought to myself...aww yes I'm DEFINITELY back in Shanghai lol! Also totally weird. I ran into my model friend Michelle outside my building after grocery shopping. She JUST moved into my building 3 days ago...what a crazy coincidence as she didn't even know that's where I lived!

I really wish I would have actually booked a few extra days in Bangkok as I don't have any shoots booked for the next couple of days but c'est la vie. I definitely want to go back to Thailand at some point in the future though and travel more throughout the country. I really enjoyed it a lot and the ppl there are on a whole so nice and polite...the exact opposite of a lot of the ppl in China actually lol!

I took a ferry/bus/train from the island to Bangkok and on the bus I met these 2 hilarious British lads...ahh got to love the accent. I love British boys and their humor. These guys were a lot of fun and we had some time between the bus and train and grabbed a bite and then both our trains were delayed so we hung out some more. Wish we could have actually got the chance to hang out in Bangkok but they were actually flying back to London straight from the train (and they took a different train then me/I took the Express). Hope they add me to Facebook actually and it totally made my travel time fun for once (travelling alone not really the most exciting thing all the time lol).

My day in Bangkok flew by and was so much fun. I went shopping at MBK and it was amazing! Again I wish I had more time b/c there is this amazing market just out of town on the weekends but I was leaving :( . The shopping is SOOO AMAZING and SOOOO CHEAP!!! I could have bought so much more stuff but I had to stop myself...seriously. If I would have had another day I would have had to buy a second suitcase and I probably would have filled it lol! Even now I'm sitting here going damn I wish I had more time b/c even w/ 5 hrs and MBK I felt rushed (had to meet a friend for dinner).

So yeah I met a fellow detoxer for dinner. We went to this AMAZING raw food restaurant. Seriously, the best meal I've had in a long time. It was so good and so flavourful and filling. Then we went and had some non alcoholic cocktails at this cool rooftop patio called Nest that was really cool.

I think I'm going to miss the fresh juices, coconut water and fresh fruits the most! Man, seriously the best bananas I've ever eaten (and not just cuz I went w/out food for 7 days they were seriously awesome)! I LOVED being able to buy fresh watermelon and pineapple on the street everywhere!

P.S. I'm's some pics I took of myself making funny faces w/ a coconut lol!

MMmmmm Fresh Young Coconut Juice!
Enjoying my last coconut :(
Btw it's really hard to take a pic of yourself while making and funny face and sucking down coconut water lol!
Yeah I was bored by myself in the restaurant
Now I'm cool...I have my shades on lol!

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