Friday, April 10, 2009

New Website Up FINALLY!!

Wow I'm being so productive during my Detox lol! FINALLY got my new website all up and running! If you know me and computers this is actually a pretty amazing thing that I did it all myself other than the actually launching it online part (got a girl from the resort to help..thanks Toffler ;) )

So I decided to go w/ Dripbook as a lot of artists I love use it and anytime I update my Dripbook it automatically updates my website how cool is that?! So yeah go check it out! Just keep in mind I still have to do a better bio and get a better pic I just wanted to get it online. Plus once I get back to Canada (1 mth away) I'll scan all my tears and actually upload them instead of just having the pics that were used in the magazine.

Yeah I'm excited!! :)


Janett Duarte said...

Hey Jessica

The website looks great, congrats. :)
I noticed a typo though.. In your Bio, where it states what you specialize in, you started the sentence in third person and ended it in first. Should be "has" instead of "have." Just thought you should know if you missed it :)

Siân Lidgate said...

link? Can't wait to see it! Hope your detox is going well.

what the pros do... said...

Wow, you have sooooo many amazing pics Jess! The website looks fab, i love the simplicity you get with Dripbook it looks really clean xx