Sunday, January 11, 2009

Advertising - Where The Money Is At!!!

So last Thurs. I did the makeup and hair on a shoot for an advertising campaign for some sort of face cream for a skincare company within Proctor & Gamble. I still have to find out what company it was for my resume. Funny thing is the production company running things didn't even know what skin cream line it was for just that they were owned by Proctor & Gamble. I guess that answers the question whether the product was used during the shoot lol!

Anyway, what a different shoot in EVERY conceivable way from the editorial on Tues lol! Again two models - guy & girl. Skin cream line so of course they want a no makeup makeup look (very common in advertising). So had them both in and out of my chair w/ hair/makeup in under and hr. In fact I would even say the guy was a bit harder b/c he had dryness around his nose and a bit on his forehead and a little bit of acne. The girl had beautiful skin...I'm sure in part why she was hired for a face cream ad lol.

The shoot itself only lasted I'd say under 5 hrs. And that's being generous w/ the time b/c in all honesty we could have done hair/makeup and shoot in 3 hrs. The only reason it took so long was the team members at the shoot in Shanghai had to send pics via email to the other team members in Guangzhou for final confirmation. This of course slowed things down a lot b/c they had to send pics of the two models in wardrobe/hair/makeup and get approval and then after every mini set of shooting send the favs. to them and see if there was any feedback and changes necessary. This would sometimes take like 45 mins between so really the actual shoot time was nothing it was just the waiting that took time. At least we were indoors, warm, dry and fed lunch unlike Tues. lol. Oh yeah the best part less then half the hrs of the other shoot and literally 5Xs the money...YEAH I LOVE ADVERTISING WORK! May be brainless and creatively lacking but guess what that's why it was great to have to mag shoots this wk and one advertising job...nice balance between paycheck and creative expression.

Here's some pics from the shoot - Really don't have that many as I didn't want my flash to interfere w/ the shooting and w/out the flash my camera wouldn't work.

Notice talent on cell phone...urrgghh...always in China!!

Oohh I'm using my beauty blender ;)

All clean and done...a little messy hair here we were using a fan during shooting

Todd shooting - He always gets right down on the ground when he shots it's hot lol!


Jaimie said...

Oh so thats where all the money is? lol

Her face looks great, you did a great job.

M said...

this looks neat! she she does have incredibly beautiful skin.

ohhhh quick question about the beauty blender, I feel like it absorbs too much products, do you experience the same problem?

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

M do you moisten the sponge before you blend? Also I should mention I don't use it to pick up product. I still put the foundation on w/ a brush I just blend w/ the beauty blender and I do the sort of bouncing movement that it suggests along w/ blending so I don't feel it really absorbs that much product at all.

MiuMiu said...

haha students in korea have cell phone talents too during class. it drives me insane, so i like to bully them and take it XD
so strange, i sweat when i'm cold too! wth!!
yay! thanks for letting me know that shoppers sells something like it, otherwise i'd be stocking up on them like mad hehe

Askmewhats said...

thank you so much for your comment and I'm glad to know you! gosh you're a make up artist and in Shanghai? Wonderful! Enjoying it there? I missed Shanghai! I missed China! :) Goodluck! and great job!