Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old Video - Me @ Work

So I found this video of me doing some makeup at a shoot about 10 mths ago and I thought I'd share the link w/ you guys if you wanted to watch it! I guess for some of you it might be interesting to see some of my work from the past and where I've come since then. I don't actually have the video it's just tagged on my facebook so I can't actually upload it onto here but I'll try and do some videos in the future. It's so crazy b/c this shoot feels so long a lot has happened in the last yr! I had finished school pretty much exactly a yr before this shoot and 3 mths later I went to Shanghai (first trip) to work for the Summer!

So this was just a creative I did almost a yr. ago in Toronto w/ photographer David Chang, Hairstylist Tony Jorge and Model Shiya (Sutherland). Shiya was pretty much brand new at this time and she's actually really kind of exploded in Canada. She's appeared in all the big Canadian mags, ads for The Bay, Rogers, Winners and even worked in Milan this past Summer. So talented and so beautiful!

Funny I was in Toronto during this shoot but I guess even then I was trying to surround myself w/ Asians lol!

Here's the link: Me @ Work

Here's a few pics from that shoot!
First Look of the Day!

I actually still have this pic in my book!

This is a pic from the look featured in the video...sorry it's small but full size it's a cool pic!
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ashley said...

That's awesome!

i do the same thing with my brushes. i have a belt thingy but it's actually not very helpful i find. i need things even closer than at my waist!

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Yeah you know what I gave up on the belt and went back to just the two cups (clean brushes/dirty brushes)! I know this sounds ridiculous but the belt annoyed me but most importantly I always felt it made me look fat when I saw myself in the mirror lol!