Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update: Haggling For A Curling Iron

So I went and did my haggling today...actually I didn't even really have to haggle so that worked out well lol! I went to the street that has all the beauty supply stores...and I found it quite easily which made me really happy b/c People's Square the central metro stop in Shanghai has 20 different exits so I'm really impressed that I picked the right one...I of course started to walk North instead of South upon exiting the metro but I figured out I was going in the wrong direction in less than a minute so that's really good for me lol!

So I went in a couple of beauty stores and then went back to the one w/ the most selection to do my haggling. Another makeup artist in Shanghai told me it would cost between 150-170 rmb for a decent curling iron that had variable temperature control on it so that was good to know before I got started. So a young girl is helping me. I should add that I literally don't speak a word of Chinese except Thank You (and according to Nils I don't even say that right lol)...btw yes I will soon be learning Chinese I've contacted what seems to be a very nice Chinese girl and we are going to meet once a wk to do a language exchange - My English for Her Chinese :) So back to the curling iron, the sales girl of course doesn't speak any English (this is VERY common btw) so basically we just play charades of me pointing to different irons and her showing them to me. Then I narrow it down and we have a pad of paper and she writes down prices and I bargain from there.

Well the first iron was the one I was eyeing the most and I ask how much and she writes down 80 right away I'm a little confused and wondering if I have chosen a crappy curling iron. Then I point to another and I realize she doesn't actually know what to charge me b/c she goes and asks another girl, they talk for a bit and then comes back and writes down another amount which is about 3X the price of the first one. I ask about another one and again she asks the girl and she writes down a price that's about 2X the price of the first one and this one doesn't even have temperature control. I ask about a fourth one and again she goes and asks another girl and comes back and this one is the most expensive at 4X the price of the first one.

So I soon realized she made a mistake w/ the first price but can't go back now b/c she's already told me 80 rmb that's why she had to check on the prices for all the other irons. So I tried to bargain a bit for the first one but I realized yeah she can't go lower she already made a mistake lol...I mean it's 100 rmb less then I was expecting to pay so I can't really complain much btw 80 rmb = $12 USD. It's a professional quality one too, temperature control, swivel handle and everything. So I bought the curling iron and then treated myself to a Starbucks latte for a job well done!

Btw for all you jealous Canadians it was a gorgeous sunny day today of about 12C in Shanghai so I got to enjoy my Starbucks over a nice, relaxing walk home...hope you're all enjoying your snow and -10C weather hahaha!

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what the pros do... said...

Isnt it enough that we are all jealous that you got a pro iron for $12 and now you have to boast about the weather too :P