Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fantastics Mag Editorial

So my editorial in the amazing online mag Fantastics Mag has FINALLY come out! I'm so excited and the editorial looks AMAZING!! It's called Powder Coated and it's the featured editorial at this time.

This is probably my fav. editorial I've shot to date! I love every single picture in it and shooting this was so fun and exciting! I love when you leave set after a shoot and you're on a high b/c you KNOW that you've produced some awesome images!

This was shot by one of my fav. photographers the very talented and very young Troy Moth . I'm so glad I met him when I did b/c I plan to latch onto him as he makes his way to the top lol! I've said it before the two of us have a great working chemistry and I can't wait to work w/ him again in the future!

The model's name is Amirah (Elite) and I just have to say she was such a good sport! I mean I threw so much flour at her but she was so great at holding the pose, not tensing up and not closing her eyes which is so hard when you're waiting for something to hit you from behind. Also you don't know how messy this was for her...and her hair...ooh don't even get me started. Umm flour + gel + water does not equal something pretty in the end! It was like a gunky, thick, paste by the end and I don't even know how many washes it probably took to get out!


Below is a taste of some of the pics featured in the editorial but seriously check out the actual editorial b/c it's so much more AMAZING on the site!


what the pros do... said...

Im so happy for you Jessica this is amazing!

Amy V. said...

absolutly fantastic... one of the most inspiring things i've see in a while. great, great job.