Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haggling for a Curling Iron

So today I'm going down to GuangDong Lu to go haggle for a new curling iron for a shoot I have this weekend. Apparently this is THE street for curling irons and other hair equipment b/c it was suggested to me by two separate MUAs. I'm just hoping I can find the damn thing b/c anyone who knows me just a bit knows how directionally challenged I am. Seriously, Todd has said to me before if you think you should go Right...just go Left lol.

Haggling or Bargaining is always a weird one for me. In North America this sort of thing makes me totally uncomfortable but here I just get into my actor's mind and pretend I'm someone who's good at haggling...and last time I tried I was actually pretty good :) . It's all a game really and you can't get really aggressive during the process you just have to smile and play nice. Basically you have to pretend like you're not interested and they will tell you a price usually showing it to you on a calculator. You then sort of laugh and shake your head and pretend like you're not interested then they ask you to suggest a price and you suggest something really low and they laugh and you and usually say something like "NO...what's your REAL price...what's your REAL price?" Then you insist that is your real price and you start haggling from there until you are both satisfied or you walk away and try somewhere else. The important thing is to always keep it light and smiling. I'm a pretty good bluffer too b/c I've even walked away and had them chase me back and give it to me at the price I wanted. Let's see how my haggling skills are today!

Btw on Detox Day far not going too bad. Have had a couple of headaches but I figure it's probably the lack of caffeine and sugar.


Askmewhats said...

oh girl! i know what you mean about haggling in China! I'm a good haggler too! :) LOL i'm glad you learned the ropes in just short period of time! :D Goodluck can't wait to hear how it goes

what the pros do... said...

cant wait to hear how you get on later! :)

Amy V. said...

Good luck girl... i suck at those kinds of things.

BTW, do you speak the language or do they speak english?

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Umm neither...I don't speak Chinese and they don't speak English. Basically it's a fun game of charades and a piece of paper where we each take turns writing down our offers lol. I will be learning Chinese this New Year though!