Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inked Update

Ugghh sometimes magazines just really annoy me! So Todd sent the pics to Inked and they liked them but felt there wasn't enough tits and ass basically. Umm we were using an Asian model - she doesn't even have tits and ass lol! Well guess what it's Jan. in Shanghai and you want us to shoot outside how much tits and ass can we possibly show in the cold w/out getting arrested! If they wanted full glamour they need to supply us w/ a glamour tattooed model b/c unfortunately those don't exist in Shanghai.

It's just annoying b/c this mag gives no budget and then they aren't satisfied w/ the results. It's just like those annoying bridal clients who try to bargain you down and give them a deal. You'd think they'd be grateful that you cut them a deal but that's never the case they are always the most nit picky, complaining of the bunch and they are never satisfied always trying to get more and more.

I'm just happy to hear they are going to use the pics but they are going to go w/ a full Masson story like I'd hoped for in the beginning so that also works out fine for me although I feel sorry for the other model.


DSKNguyen said...

Hey Jessica, just found your blog, hehe you have a new follower!

<3 Steph

what the pros do... said...

it seems like your on a roll with the tears at the mo! Whoo hoo :)

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Yeah...now I just need some good paying advertising work and I'll be good!