Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moet & Chandon

My years of bartending and cocktailing in Toronto have allowed me to become a bit of a champagne snob w/ particular tastes. To me Dom Perignon is the most overrated. I've never liked it! Veuve is probably my fav. I like Cristal Rose over Cristal. Pierre Jouet and Bollinger are pretty good too. So as you can see I love champagne ( you know cuz I'm classy like that ;) lol)! So when I was approached to work some events for Moet & Chandon I thought sure cool...maybe I'll get to have some champagne (unfortunately this has not been the case lol).

Anyway, this has probably been one of the more "interesting" jobs of done esp. since I'm doing it in Shanghai. I was referred by another makeup artist b/c she was going back to Australia for the holidays. I guess they were looking for a makeup artist b/c of the fine detail involved in the work but in truth this job has nothing to do w/ makeup which I guess is why I find it weird to be doing it in Shanghai but I'm cool w/ whatever pays the bills you know (and it pays well :) ).

So basically I was hired on by the very nice ppl at Jetlag Productions to go to nightclubs in Shanghai and personalize Moet bottles w/ crystals. I have my own booth where I sit and ppl come and watch me while I personalize these bottles w/ their names. The secret is basically it's all a show b/c it takes FOREVER to do one bottle by hand so a lot of times they prepare the bottles in advance using these stick on crystal stickers (ssshhh don't tell anyone ;) lol). But yes I do personally put crystals on a few bottles. I've done a few events thus far and I guess the most interesting one was on New Years Eve at Muse. The DJ that night was AMAZING! If I wasn't working I can tell you I would have danced the night away! I wasn't too upset though b/c I'm use to working on New Years Eve b/c of bartending. I mean I'd rather make money then spend I negotiated a higher rate b/c it was New Years Eve ;) yeah for me! Hopefully the ppl at Jetlag will hire me on to do more events...and maybe some of them might even involve me doing makeup lol!

Here's a few more pics of me at work!

I'm concentrating very hard here!

A fan watches on lol!

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Amy V. said...

sounds like a really cool gig, love the pictures of you at work.