Monday, January 19, 2009

Detox Time - Day 1

Last few wks I've been a lot busier w/ work which has been great $$$ but this has also meant that I've been eating a lot crappier too. Being broke I'm never one to turn down free food but unfortunately free food at shoots is usually not the most healthy - pizza, greasy chinese food, pastries etc. Also I've noticed being the sugar addict that I am I've begun to rely WAY to heavily on fruit for my sugar fix - hello mandarin oranges how I love you! Aww...mandarin oranges they are small (and cheap) and before you know it you've eaten like 10 lol!

Anyway, the Chinese New Year is almost here and that unfortunately means no work :( but I figure it's a good time to take hold and detox the diet b/c I won't be tempted by any of the deliciously bad for you treats often available on set. So for the next wk to 2 wks I'm going to clean out the diet - no fruit, sugar or processed flour/breads. I might start to add a piece of fruit in every day after the first wk I'll see.

So for the next two wks my diet it will mainly consist of water, vegetables, low fat diary and protein! I know I wasn't getting enough protein before as it was so this will be a good chance to rectify that situation. Plus I really need to work on the water situation. I'm one of those ppl that unless I make a conscious effort to drink 6-8 glasses a day I won't...and unfortunately I don't think diet coke zero counts lol. Ahh diet coke zero you will be missed :*(

Wish me Luck!


MiuMiu said...

I love the shoots!
I'm eating a lot of junk here too, everything is all about salt and oil..blech!
Good luck on your detox! I know I wouldn't be able to survive it haha.
I just recently purchased a green tinted base, thanks for the tip! I can't believe how complex using makeup is, why can't it be easier XD
Those sheets are expensive! But shoppers is always over priced anyway. I got 10 pairs for less than $10CAD here haha

Christine Estima said...

hey babe, just a word of advice about the detox...fruits (except for watermelons) are low on the glycemic index and don't pose a threat to weight gain...i wouldn't cut them out if i were you. their sugars are naturally occuring, and if eaten in proportion, shouldn't interfere with your detox or weight loss plan.

just don't wanna see you following some spawn-of-atkins detox that would hurt your body rather than help it!


Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Just cutting the fruit out for a wk or two not permanently. It's the South Beach Diet plan. I've done it before it just helps stop sugar cravings. Then you slowly add them back in .

Amy V. said...

i need to do something about my diet also... i drink diet coke and coffee like it's water, but the little one has been keeping me up all night... so it's necessary.