Sunday, January 25, 2009


Apparently according to a translating program on the internet the title is suppose to mean "Happy New Year" or xinnian kuaile in pinyin ! If it doesn't mean that oh well I tried lol. It's Chinese New Year now so basically it's a mini war zone of fire crackers going off outside my apt. today.

I'm basically laying low and waiting for it all to pass to be honest. Nils says this is the best time of year b/c everyone is really happy and the Chinese girls are easier to get into bed lol...unfortunately getting Chinese girls into bed is not my modus operandi so it doesn't really help me out (btw Nils is going to hate me for writing that...Hi Nils!). Truthfully, I just want this whole thing over so work will start to pick up again...ugghh kind of annoying that this celebration is actually days/wks long.

Edit: Thank You Nils for telling me how to properly say Happy New Years!


Nils said...
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Nils said...

lesson 1:
b) "新年好" = xinnian hao = good NY
a) "新年快乐" = xinnian kuaile = happy NY

you have to say xinnian kuaile (proper chinese) instead of xinnian hao! though everybody will know what you are talking about, but nobody in china will say it this way!
here is my suggestion for your topic:
Wish you all a happy CNY!

Kita St. Cyr said...

Happy year of the Ox! Hope work picks up again soon.