Wednesday, January 21, 2009

U+ Magazine

So I'm sure you all remember the photo shoot staring Nils a few wks ago. Anyway, the mag that shoot was featured in has come out and I grabbed a couple of copies YEAH! It's actually for a new weekly magazine under Modern Weekly company (they have like 10 mags) and it's called U+ (well actually it's called something in Chinese but that's what I can read lol).
The spread is okay. Definitely not one of my favs but whatever it was paid and I like to see my name in print lol. The main prob. is that for the most part it seems Chinese fashion editors don't know how to choose good pics for editorials. There will be a bunch of really cools pics that could make a really cool story but they always want to play it safe and they seem to be really obsessed w/ making sure all of the details of the clothes are showing. Like the model could have some screwed up face but as long as the clothes are lying right on the body they will choose that pic...ugghh!

So anyway, here are the shots that were used in the mag. These aren't the actual tears just the pics used that Todd sent me. The model's name is Kristina btw.

I really like the pics w/ the sun burst but unfortunately it's a little too close to the face and the printing quality isn't that great so it washes out the details of the face and makeup too much :(

This pic I don't get at all! She's making a weird face why would anyone choose this pic!Align Center

Btw I just got the sample pics that are going to be used by Norbert Kniat in that awful, long photo shoot for Don Gil Magazine and I'm actually overall really pleased w/ them! If the printing quality is decent I'll definitely be happy w/ the editorial esp. w/ the conditions that were experienced that day...ugghhh!!

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