Thursday, January 8, 2009

UGGHH - Vision I Hate You Right Now!

So I just got word today that a shoot I did a million years ago for Vision Magazine has been postponed AGAIN! At this point I really don't see this shoot getting into the mag which is so disappointing b/c it's a really cool editorial. Hopefully, Todd can get it published somewhere else but the truth is it's kind of late for that uggghh! Vision is a totally cool magazine and I like it a lot. I've had a few editorials published in it and they do some really cool shit so I just don't get why they aren't all over this particular shoot!

What sucks is they were totally in love w/ a shoot that I actually really didn't even like all that much (personally I found the model REALLY weak). The model for this shoot was so good and I'm not just saying that b/c I personally chose her...the girl knows how to pose! I loved the location, the mood and I thought my makeup was good. The only weak point was the styling...and that's not to say the styling was bad at all b/c it wasn't. The prob is here in China they are obsessed w/ huge designer names. Basically they will go through an editorial and decide if they like it based on the credit list and not even the pics. If it has good names then it is deemed a good editorial if it has designers that they have never heard of then it's not usable. This is one of the frustrating things when you work in a market full of brand whores that won't take a chance on a new or unknown designer.

If anyone has any suggestions on some art magazines that might be interested in a submission let me know b/c I'd love to pass the info on to Todd!


what the pros do... said...

OMG the exact same thing just happened to me with Vison...what is up with this mag?? They were all over the story and then bailed at the last minute.... :(

Its so frustrating and disapointing!

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

When did this happen to you? Apparently they just got a new creative director who cut 3 stories in the latest issue...ugghh!

what the pros do... said...

It was right before christmas :(

Maybe the new Creative Director had something to do with their change of heart then...